• 19/06 UPDATE: 10 Pre-Orders Received! Ready to go to print

    19/06 UPDATE 2: All customers have been emailed notifying them of target reached, ETA on delivery to follow

    02/07 UPDATE 3: All customers have been emailed notifying them that the t-shirts have been shipped from the printers and so should be delivered by 10th July.


    Available for pre-order from Friday 19th June 2020 at 11am BST to Friday 10th July 2020.


    Why Available to Pre-Order?

    New designs are usually a gamble for an indie artist like me, but the lovely people at comic cons usually make it all worth it. Unfortunately with covid taking out all comic cons for the foreseeable future, I'm unable to get these designs out directly to the fans of these fantastic games.


    How Many Orders are Needed to go to Production?

    In order to go to production, we need 10 TLOU enthusiasts to pre-order this new geometric design.


    When Do I Receive My Order?

    Once we've reached 10 orders the design will go straight to production! For you this means you will receive a 'good news' email to let you know that the t-shirts are underway with an updated estimated delivery date for you. Lead time on an order is usually around 2 weeks, with an additional 1-3 working days for the product to be shipped directly to you.


    Is There a Discount if I Buy Early?

    You bet there is! This t-shirt is going at comic-con prices at £14.99 - that's a 25% saving! This promotional price will end on 10th July 2020.


    How Do I Keep Track of the Target?

    As the number of pre-orders needed is so low, every order will be shouted about on the official Nerds Retreat Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep you in the loop. The product page will also be updated regularly to show the number of orders left to go before production.


    When Do I Receive My Money Back if it Doesn't Go Through?

    The window to raise these 10 orders is cut off on 10th July 2020. If the number of orders is not hit, on 11th July 2020 all orders will be cancelled and all funds will be automatically refunded back to you (depending on your payment method this may take 3-5 working days to arrive back with you). We take Paypal for added security.


    Why Isn't This a Kickstarter?

    My t-shirts are hand printed in the UK by a lovely small Nottingham based business who are fantastic to work with. Their minimum order quantities and our close relationship means this design only requires 10 pre-orders to make it a viable product to go live fully. In order to make a Kickstarter page work, the pricing goalposts need to be moved to cover the cost of Kickstarter fees and additional rewards - and it would also leave you waiting much longer to receive your t-shirt!


    Note: Kickstarter is a very useful tool for many artists and creative folks, just not as good for me this time round.


    What If I Want To Know More?

    I'm available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a chat - or drop me a message on my website - and I'll get back to you asap.

    Pre-Order: The Last of Us Inspired Geometric Tee

    £19.99 Regular Price
    £14.99Sale Price
    • All t-shirts are screen printed using high quality waterbased inks onto black Gildan Softstyle t-shirts (GD01) . Made from quality 100% ringspun cotton, they have a medium weight feel and have a little bit of stretch in them.


      T-shirts arrive in recycled paper packaging which have been screen printed to show the design inside. A mini promotional poster is also included in all packages.

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