Geometric Gaming T-Shirts

In 2016 I found a niche existed in the gaming merchandise market. Though it is a saturated market, I found that most of the merchandise felt cheap, tacky or generally uninspired. Thus sparked Nerds Retreat, where I fuse my love of geometric minimalism with my passion for gaming.

The designs are combined recognisable elements from video games. This style means that the t-shirts are able to be worn as every day wear without ‘screaming’ that the wearer plays video games. I have had customers who have bought five of the same design so they could wear them as workwear.

I felt that the style prompted a high class feel to the business and so all decisions in relation to design flowed from this. The t-shirts are made from 100% soft spun cotton which gives them a stretchable, breathable and soft touch feel. They are screen printed with water based (eco friendly) inks which prevents the ink from cracking, enabling the products to be long lasting.

Furthering this train of thought and the continuing eco-friendly trend in younger demographics, I sought plastic free solutions to the classic t-shirt packaging. Finding there were none besides costly boxes which took up a lot of space, I worked with my screen printer to produce screen printed envelopes. These 2 ply envelopes are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. They have been designed to showcase the product inside whilst also displaying the business’s logo and social links.

All of these qualities have created a customer base that returns year on year for new designs. A batch of a new design was even entirely crowd funded in less than 24 hours in July 2020.

Created using Adobe Illustrator